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"Whitaker Guards"
Company C

The following roster of Company C was extracted from the Waukesha County Freeman newspaper of 16 September 1862. As of this date the company had not been mustered in to service and was still incomplete, missing a second lieutenant and several non-commissioned officers. Also, soldiers recruited after this date would not be found on this list, and several soldiers on the newspaper's roster were not found when compared with a wartime muster roll used by Capt. Stevens. The names on this list have been transcribed in the same order as originally published by the Freeman.

This newspaper roster was compared with Capt. Stevens' company muster roll in order to verify names, spelling and place of residence. Any discrepancy in spelling is noted after the slash / and other notations are found in italics. The soldiers' place of residence at enlistment, if known, is noted in parentheses. Note the large number of volunteers from Oconomowoc -- Capt. Stevens was postmaster in Oconomowoc at the time this company was raised.

Commissioned Officers
Thomas N. Stevens, Capt. Oconomowoc
Daniel S. Curtiss, 1st Lieut. Oconomowoc; resigned 7 December 1862

1st. John J. Adams
2d. L.L. Alvord
3d. Edward Oleson
4th. P.K. Tucker
5th. Charles H. Ferry

1st. Ammi D. Hawks Delafield
2d. James G. Robinson Summit
3d. Alonzo Bogart Oconomowoc

Justin M. Alvord Oconomowoc
J.T. Aldrich
John C. Allison Summit

Oliver Briggs Summit
Willard Ballard Oconomowoc
Isaac L. Bogart Oconomowoc
Loren Byam Summit
William Braasch
Benjamin F. Baker Summit
Henry C. Bowron Summit
Lloyd Breck Summit
Philemon Bachelder Summit
Frederic B. Brown, Jr. Summit
James Barre Summit

Leander H. Christie / Christy Oconomowoc
George W. Cole Oconomowoc
Seaman G. Clauson Oconomowoc
Thomas Carr Oconomowoc; deserted 14 Oct 1862
Hiram F. Campbell Oconomowoc
Wallaw W. Chaffee Oconomowoc
Henry R. Carlin Ixonia
John W. Chaffee Summit
Clinton C. Cobb Summit
Martin D. Clark Delafield

A.B. Dingman Summit

Hans Evenson Oconomowoc
Lars C. Evenson Concord
Edward Epler

Henry Fourier

William Grapper Oconomowoc
Albert A. Glamm Summit

James J. Hall Summit
Morris P. Haight Summit
Amund Hanson Oconomowoc
Albert K. Harshaw Summit
Charles O. Hildrich / Hildrith Summit
Robert Hilt / Hill Summit
George Hinckley / Hinkley Oconomowoc
Henry Hitchcock Oconomowoc
Hiram C. Holcum / Holcomb Summit
John Huebner
Fred Huebner

Iver Iverson Ixonia

Julius Jacobson Oconomowoc
Anders Jacobson Oconomowoc
Charles Jager
August Jager
Matthew H. Jenkinson Concord
Andrew E. Johnson Merton

Charles Knox Oconomowoc
William H. Kimerly / Kimmerly Oconomowoc
Halvor Knudson Oconomowoc
Edward G. Kinne Oconomowoc
Charles W. Kimball Summit

Frank D. Ludington Oconomowoc
George Lillie Oconomowoc
Horatio S. Lewis Oconomowoc
M.K. Leavitt
Samuel F. Leavitt Summit
Theodore F. Leavitt Summit

August Maarsch
George Morris

Ole Nelson Oconomowoc
Marshall Nelson Summit
William V. Nickles Summit

Arne Oleson Oconomowoc

Elijah Parrish Summit
Aaron A. Palmer Oconomowoc
Francis W. Plympton Oconomowoc
Clarence S. Perkins Oconomowoc
William Pope
Owen Pritchard Oconomowoc

Joseph / James W. Robinson Summit
Job A. Rendall Summit
Charles A. Rugg Summit
August Raasch

Peter J. Stevenson Summit
Ezra A. Seymour
Theron M. Smalley Summit
Alexander C. Smalley Summit
Charles H. Stansbury Summit

Albert B. Thompson Oconomowoc

Charles Waller Oconomowoc
David L. Webster Summit
Henry W. Ward Delafield
Fred Wendorf
John Wendorf
Henry Weaver Summit

Christian Zabel Oconomowoc
Johan D. Zimmerman Oconomowoc

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