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"Whitewater Company No. 3"
Company D

This roster and notes from the soldier's service were extracted from a regimental roster published and sold by S.W. Martin of Madison, Wisconsin, after the war.

Commissioned Officers:

Edward S. Redington

1st Lieutenant
Hiram N. Hayes
(resigned 1 Jan 1863)

James B. Schrom
(appointed Com. Sgt. 25 Oct '62; Sergt. Major 1 Jan '63; 1st Lt. 1 Mar '63)

2nd Lieutenant James M. Mead
(died at Helena, Ark., 13 Feb 1863 of Typhoid fever)

Henry H. Watts
(appointed from 1st Sergt. 1 March 1863)


Jerome B. Magill (appointed 1st Sergt. from Sergt. 1 March 1863; transferred to NCS as Sergt. Major 12 Oct 1863)
William G. Palmer (appointed Sergt. 13 Oct 1863)
Charles W. Rockwell (appointed Sergt. 10 Dec 1862)
George F. Tucker (appointed Corp. 12 Jan 1863; Sergt. 1 March 1863)
Henry Hix (appointed Corp. 14 April 1863; Sergt. 21 Feb 1863) James A. Hodge (died 9 December 1862 at Milwaukee)


1st - Henry Rusch
2d - Aron Momford
3d - Gilbert Olson
4th - Joseph R. Bowin (appointed Corp. 23 Jan 1863)
5th - Michael Larkin (appointed Corp. 12 Nov 1863)
6th - Oscar Smith (appointed Corp. 13 Oct 1863)
7th - Dewitt Palmer (appointed Corp. 1 March 1865)


George E. Dye (appointed principal musician and trans. to NCS 13 Oct 1864)
Charles Hudson


George P. Criggar


Amundson, Barney (died 23 Sept 1864 at Pine Bluff, Ark.)

Baldwin, James A.
Bonnett, Charles (trans. to I.C. 20 Nov 1863)

Calkins, Edward S.
Calkins, Russell (discharged)
Carpenter, Lewis
Carver, Eliphelat (discharged)
Caward, James J. (trans. from Co. K 23 Oct 1862)
Clark, Melvin (died 10 June 1864 at Pine Bluff, Ark.)
Clark, Stephen H.
Clement, Garrett
Clement, Samuel (discharged 8 Dec 1862)
Conroy, Thomas (trans. from Co. K 16 Oct 1862)
Corkett, George (discharged)
Cox, Henry A.
Crouns, Peter
Curtis, Jonson

Dann, Edward
Dancey, Thomas J.
Degroat, George (died 28 Nov 1864 at Pine Bluff, Ark.)
Dielmann, Peter
Dowley, William J. (trans. to I.C. 1 July 1864)
Dowling, William D.
Durant, William

Early, John
Eaton, George W.
Edwards, Hiram

Faust, Franz (discharged 30 April 1863)
Feiss, Benedick (died 8 Aug 1864 at Pine Bluff, Ark.)
Firth, Robert
Fitzgarld, William

Goodrich, David N.
Grant, John

H**ls, George (died 1863)
Hare, Jesse (died 29 April 1863 at Helena, Ark.)
Harrison, John W. (discharged)
Hayes, Alonzo W. (deserted 13 October 1863 at --, Tenn.)
Henderson, Donald (died 1 December 1862 at Milwaukee, Wis.)
Hendrickson, Clesson A.
Hoage, Fred
Holmes, Charles (discharged 8 August 1865)

Keenan, Patrick
Kershaw, Job
Kinney, Francis (discharged)
Kuhn, Charles (died 29 September 1864 at Pine Bluff, Ark.)
Kynaston, John (discharged 10 May 1865)

Lasher, Garrett
Lasher, John
Lingerman, Henry (discharged)

Maynard, William
Miles, John
Miller, Isaac (died 22 November 1864 at Pine Bluff, Ark.)
Myers, Franz X.
Myers, James H.

Nelson, John A.
Nelson, Peter J. (discharged 14 April 1863)
Nickerson, Gilbert E.

Organ, John
Ostemire, Michel

Patten, Franklin (died 2 September 1864 at Pine Bluff, Ark.)
Pierce, Charles Z. (discharged)
Prichard, James F. (died 6 July 1864 at Pine Bluff, Ark.)
Prichard, William M. (trans. to Co. A, 20 July 1864)

Redmond, John J.
Rinehardt, Albert
Robbins, Charles E. (died 25 September 1863 at Pine Bluff, Ark.)
Rogers, John W. (discharged 31 May 1863)

Saright, Andrew (discharged 21 April 1863)
Scholl, Charles (discharged 10 May 1863)
Scholl, Christopher (discharged for disability)
Shroble, Charles W.
Shulz, John
Simpson, Charles H. (died 23 August 1864 at Pine Bluff, Ark.)
Smith, George
Smith, Henry F. (died 26 October 1864 at -- Barracks, Missouri)
Strong, Solomon L.
Surth, Mathias (discharged 2 August 1865)

Taylor, Abel (discharged 26 July 1864)
Taylor, James (discharged 9 June 1865)
Taylor, John (discharged 2 August 1865)
Thomas, Jacob
Timblin, Patrick (deserted 20 December 1862 at Milwaukee, Wis.)
Torry, Julius H. (died 29 March 1863 at Fort Pemberton, Miss.)
Trautman, George (trans. to I.C., 3 Sept 1863)
Trowbridge, Henry (discharged)
Troy, Edward

Walker, Jacob (died 18 July 1863 at St. Louis, Missouri)
Ware, Charles A. (trans. to Veteran Reserve Corps 10 Jan 1865)
Weiss, Joseph
Wheelock, Norman (discharged)
Wilkenson, Horatio N. (discharged)
Winslow, George M.
Wray, Thomas

Yeomans, Cyrus

Michel, John (colored undercook)
Stanfield, Richard (colored undercook)

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