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"The Federal Guards"
Company E

Source: "The Military History of Wisconsin: A Record of the Civil and Military Patriotism of the State in the War of the Union..." By E.B. Quiner, Esq., Chicago: Clarke & Co. Publisher, 1866. Soldier's residence at enlistment and service notes appear in gray.

James R. Kenyon

1st Lieutenant
William E. Bingham (Detach. in Pioneer Corps from Mar 8, 1865 to Aug 19, 1865; M.O. Aug 23 1865)

2nd Lieutenant
Charles J. Collier (From Regtl. Q.M. Mar 29, 1864)
Asa W. Hebbard (Enl. Aug 15 1862; 1st Sergt.; M.O. Aug 23, 1865)

Denton, Isaac (Concord; Sergt., 1st Sergt.)
Heath, Charles H. (La Grange; Corp., Sergt.; prom. Com. Sergt., Feb 21, 1865)
Kenyon, Ralph C. (Troy; Sergt.; disch. Jun 5 1864, to accept prom.)
Loomer, William E. (La Grange; Corp., Sergt.;)
Lange, Louis (Sullivan; Trans. to V.R.C., Apr 10, 1864;)
Pratt, George W. (East Troy; Sergt.; disch. May 20, 1863, disability) Sanford, Daniel K (La Grange; Corp., Sergt.; prom. 2nd Lieut. Co. G, 49th Wis. Inf., Feb 22, 1865)
Snow, Erastus S. (Hebron; Sergt.; trans. to V.R.C., Jul 21, 1864)
Wright, Charles (Hebron; Corp.; Sergt.)

Davies, John C. (Sullivan; Corp; disch. Sep 3, 1863, disability)
Donaldson, James (Sullivan; Corp.)
Fuller, Norman R. (Hebron; Corp.)
Huntley, Isaac N. (La Grange; Corp.; trans. to V.R.C., Sep 14, 1864; M.O. Sep 8, 1865)
Rockwell, John B. (La Grange; Corp.; disch. Apr 22, 1863)
Vaughan, Michael (Concord; Corp.; wnd. Mar 27 1865, Spanish Fort, Ala.; disch. Jul 23, 1865, disability)
Wilkins, Horace T. (Richmond; Corp.)
Wilkinson, Joseph (La Grange; Corp.)

Heath, Michael C. (Sullivan; Wagoner; disch. Mar 24, 1863)

Catlin, John (Darien)
Norcross, Edwin R. (La Grange; Musician; M.O. Jun 1, 1863) Thayer, Alphonso S. (Hebron; Musician)

Enlisted Men
Altenburg, Henry (Waukesha Co.; M.O. Jul 19, 1865)
Althaus, Henri (Rome; Died Dec 13, 1864, Pine Bluff, Ark., disease)
Arwood, Andrew W. (La Grange)

Bakon, Robert A. (Troy)
Bigelow, Amos (Sugar Creek)
Bigelow, Forris A. (Sullivan; Discharged Jul 8, 1864, disability)
Bigelow, Horace (Sugar Creek; M.O. Jul 19, 1865)
Bingham, Charles K. (Sullivan; Died Aug 27, 1863, Helena, Ark., disease)
Blomily, John (La Grange; Trans. to V.R.C., Apr 10, 1864; M.O. Sep 8, 1865)
Bloodgood, Hiram S. (La Grange; Disch. May 26, 1863)
Bloodgood, Lewis E. (La Grange; Corp; wnd. Apr 2, 1865, Spanish Fort, Ala.; disch. May 25, 1865, disability.)
Bolser, Mahlon N. (Sugar Creek)
Bortle, Winslow (Richmond)
Bortle, Samuel (Sugar Creek)
Brabazon, John (Sugar Creek)
Brannan, James (Hebron; Deserted Nov 11, 1862)
Brewin, John (Eagle)
Brewer, Horatio M. (Concord; M.O. Jun 8, 1865)
Brooks, Charles E. (La Grange)
Brown, Charles C. (Hebron)
Brott, David (Sullivan)

Carey, William (New Diggings)
Carlisle, George (Sullivan; Trans. to V.R.C.; disch. Feb 19, 1865, disability)
Carlisle, James (Sullivan; Disch. May 15 1863, disability)
Chamberlain, Chauncy (Sugar Creek; Disch. Aug 14, 1865)
Cox, Charles (Whitewater)
Croasdale, Mark (Palmyra)

Dutton, Henry O. (Whitewater)

Farley, John A. (Palmyra; Trans. to Co. K, Oct 20, 1862)
Feder, William (La Grange; Died Mar 9, 1864, Pine Bluff, Ark., disease)
Fitzmorris, Patrick (La Grange)
Fuller, Charles E. (Hebron; Disch. Dec 12, 1864, to accept promotion)

Haight, Hyland B. (Spring Prarie)
Hall, Walter P. (Hebron)
Halverson, Zachariah (Palmyra)
Hay, Sylvanus D. (Elkhorn)
Henderson, Sylvester (Hebron; Died Mar 3, 1863, Tallehatchie River, Miss., disease)
Heinze, John (Concord; Died Jul 20, 1865, Boca Chica, Texas, disease)
Hunter, Hiram (Hebron)
Hunter, William (Hebron; Died Feb 27, 1864, Pine Bluff, Ark., disease)

Jackson, James (La Grange)

Kellog, Charles (Sullivan)
Kohler, Jacob (Ottawa; Died Aug 15, 1863, Helena, Ark., disease)
Knowlton, Don A. (Hebron)
Knowlton, Francis P. (Whitewater; Disch., Aug 9, 1863, disability)
Knowlton, Freeman (Hebron)
Krotz, Joseph (Sullivan; Died Jul 10, 1864, Pine Bluff, Ark., disease)

Langstaff, James (Whitewater)
Leary, John (Hebron; M.O. Jul 19, 1865)
Loughran, James (Sullivan)
Lyman, Edwin C. (Whitewater)

Martel, Joseph (La Grange)
McGorman, Thomas (Concord)
McMannus, John (La Grange; From Co. A)
Means, John W. (La Grange; Drowned May 18, 1863, Helena, Ark.)
Miner, Nathan N. (Elkhorn; From Co. A)
Mistele, Joseph (Sullivan)
Moore, Michael (Whitewater)

Newcomb, Joseph J. (Sugar Creek; Disch. Aug 17, 1863, disability)

Paisley, Samuel (Milwaukee; M.O. Jul 19, 1865)
Phelps, Anson D. (La Grange)
Phoenix, James W. (Delavan; From Co. A)
Phoenix, James R. (Delavan; From Co. A)
Potter, Emery (Palmyra; Trans. to V.R.C., Dec 30, 1864, M.O. Jul 2, 1865)

Robinson, John B. (Whitewater; Drowned Feb. 11, 1865, White River, Ark.)
Ruf, William (Ottawa)
Ruf, Anthony (Ottawa; From Co. K)

Smith, Lyman D. (Delavan; Died Feb 13, 1863, Helena, Ark., disease)
Snider, John (Richmond)
Snow Delbert (Hebron; Died Jun 5, 1863, Helena, Ark., disease)
Snow, Eli H. (Whitewater)
Stanwood, Thomas (Milwaukee)
Stewart, John A. (La Grange; Corp., Sergt.)
Sullivan, Michael (Delavan; Died Jul 26, 1864, Pine Bluff, Ark., disease)
Summers, Stephen (La Grange)

Taylor, James B. (Sugar Creek; Disch. Feb 22, 1864, disability)
Thwing, Emery Z. (Whitewater)
Tifft, James T. (Sullivan; Disch. Nov 7, 1863, disability)
Tollifson, Brinzel (La Grange)

Van Duser, Martin (Hebron)
Vellan, Andrew (Sugar Creek; Killed in action, Jul 4, 1863, Helena Ark.)

Waldren, Thomas (Hebron; M.O. Jul 19, 1865)
Waldren, Peter S. (Hebron; M.O. Jul 19, 1865)
Walker, George W. (Sullivan)
Webster, Wheeler B. (Delavan)
Welch, Hiram J. (Whitewater; Died Feb 6, 1863, Little Rock, Ark., disease)
Wilber, David C. (Delavan; Deserted Nov 28, 1862)
Wilford, Hardy (La Grange; Died Oct 26, 1863, Little Rock, Ark., disease)
Wright, Wellington (Hebron; M.O. Jul 19, 1865)

Yahrmark, Frederick (Jefferson Co.; M.O. Jul 19, 1865)