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"The Hodgson Guards"
Company G

Source: "The Military History of Wisconsin: A Record of the Civil and Military Patriotism of the State in the War of the Union..." By E.B. Quiner, Esq., Chicago: Clarke & Co. Publisher, 1866. Soldier's residence at enlistment and service notes appear in gray.

Commissioned Officers:

Elihu Enos Jr.
Willis V. Tichenor

1st Lieutenant
Albert Foster
Seymour Gilbet
David Turner


Donaldson, William T. (Brookfield)
Donaldson, Thomas (Brookfield; Corp.; Sergt.; died April 6, 1863 on Steamer "St. Louis," Yazoo Pass Exp., Miss., disease)
Griffing, Richard R. (Pewaukee; Corp.; Sergt.; M.O. June 5, 1865)
Harrison, Fredrick (Muskego; 1st Sergt., disch. October 31, 1863, disability)
Johnson, Thomas J. (New Berlin; Corp., Sergt., died May 25, 1863, Helena, Arkansas, disease)
McKee, Andrew (Lisbon; Sergt., 1st Sergt., 2nd Lieutenant, July 29, 1865 not mustered)
McNeill, Daniel (New Berlin; Corp., Sergt.)
Schneider, Phillip (Germantown; Corp., Sergt.)
Smith, Sindry S. (Brookfield; disch. August 10, 1863 to accept promotion in 2nd Arkansas Vols.)
Watson, James Q. (Waukesha; disch. May 12, 1863, disability)


Church, George H. (New Berlin)
Cullen, John (Muskego)
Darling, Peter (Vernon; disch. July 23, 1865, disability)
Edwards, Thomas (Pewaukee; wounded April 3, 1865, Spanish Fort, Alabama, M.O. May 31, 1865)
Howard, George W. (Waukesha; died February 22, 1863, Helena, Arkansas, disease)
Kerr, Peter F. (Vernon ; disch. April 11, 1863, disability)
Moore, Lewis K. (Vernon)
Peck, George H. (Muskego; M.O. May 22, 1865)
Smith, John H. (Germantown; died June 26, 1863, St. Louis, Missouri, disease)
Smith, Edward B. (Pewaukee; Corp., Sergt.)
Walden, Edward N. (Waukesha; died May 10, 1865, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, disease)
Walton, James (Waukesha)
Washburn, William H. H. (Pewaukee; disch. June 6, 1863, disability)
Young, William (Muskego)


George E. Dye (appointed principal musician and trans. to NCS 13 Oct 1864)
Charles Hudson


Thomas, Edward (Pewaukee; Wagoner)
Turner, Samuel R. (Waukesha; Wagoner, Corp.)


Bence, Henry (Muskego; Musician)
Becker, Phillip (Pewaukee; Musician, died May 17, 1863, Helena, Ark., disease)
Brown, James B. (Pewaukee; Musician, died June 9, 1863 at Helena, Arkansas, disease)
Porter, Luther (Pewaukee; Promoted to Principle Musician on September 20, 1862)


Abare, Peter (Pewaukee; Disch. March 28, 1964, disability)

Babcock, Joseph P. (Muskego; Disch. Oct. 12, 1863, disability)
Bastin, Edson S. (Waukesha; Disch. Jan. 2, 1865 to accept promotion in 4th Ark. Cavalry)
Beardsley, Samuel B. (New Berlin; Disch. Aug. 26, 1863 to accept promotion in 2nd Ark. Colored Troops)
Blanchard, Joseph C. (Brookfield; Died Oct. 15, 1864, Pine Bluff, Ark., disease)
Blum, Charles (Pewaukee)
Bowers, George F. (Muskego)
Bowers, Lucius L. (Muskego; M.O. July 15, 1865)
Brain, Clement J. (Pewaukee; Died July 29, 1863 in St. Louis, MO, disease)
Butkins, Herman (Brookfield; Wounded July 4, 1863 at Helena, Arkansas; disch. March 24, 1864, wounds)

Cameron, Alexander (Muskego)
Christison, George (Vernon; Died April 5, 1863 on Steamer "City of Memphis," disease)
Clark, William H. (Waukesha)
Coombs, George (Pewaukee; Disch. December 8, 1863, disability)
Coons, Peter (New Berlin)
Cullen, Christopher (Muskego; Died March 30, 1863 on Steamer "St. Louis," Yazoo Pass Exp., Miss., disease)

Daugherty, Edward H. (Lisbon)
Draper, Henry W. (Muskego)

Finley, Owen (Muskego)
Finley, Charles (Muskego; M.O. June 6, 1865)
Fitzgerald, James (Muskego; Disch. March 22, 1865 to accept promotion in 54th U.S. C.T.)
French, Horace W. (Pewaukee)
French, Melvin (Pewaukee; Disch. April 6, 1863, disability)
Gill, Charles P. (Vernon)
Goelzer, Jacob H. (Germantown)
Green, Thomas (Genesee; K.I.A. March 30, 1864, Mt. Elba, Arkansas)

Hall, George (Brookfield; Disch. June 25, 1864, disability)
Hartwell, George W. (Pewaukee; Died April 17, 1863, Helena, Arkansas, disease)
Heaton, Jacob (New Berlin; M.O. August 16, 1865)
Higley, Edwin (Waukesha)
Hindes, Isiah B. J. (Vernon; Died December 4, 1863, Memphis, TN, disease)
Hinkley, Edward P. (Eagle; M.O. August 1, 1865)
Howie, John R. (Vernon; Died July 22, 1863, Memphis, TN, disease)

Jacobi, Christoph (Germantown; Wounded July 4, 1863, Helena, Arkansas)
Jones, William (New Berlin; Died June 17, 1864, Brazos Santiago, TX, disease)
Juhre, William (Brookfield)

King, Leon (Pewaukee ; Wounded July 4, 1863, Helena, Arkansas; M.O. June 16, 1865)

Lahee, James H. (Vernon; M.O. June 16, 1865)
Lewis, Richard D. (New Berlin)
Loughney, James B. (New Berlin)

Malloy, James (Pewaukee; Died April 18, 1863, Helena, Arkansas, disease)
Mann, William A. (Waukesha; Disch. September 15, 1863, disability)
McKinstry, Jerome B. (Pewaukee; K.I.A. July 4, 1863, Helena, Arkansas)
McKowen, William T.H. (Muskego)
McNeill, Alexander (New Berlin)
McWhorter, Paul W. (Waukesha; Disch. July 7, 1863, to accept promotion in 2nd Arkansas Vols.)
Melins, Jacob H. (Mukwonago; Disch. February 26, 1863, disability)
Muckey, Myron P. (Muskego)

Peck, Allen P. (Muskego; Died August 28, 1863, Duvall's Bluff, Arkansas, disease)

Rhemer, Frank Ellis (Vernon)

Safford, Legrand B. (Waukesha; Died July 31, 1864, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, disease)
Schneider, Jacob (Germantown; Died December 17, 1862, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, disease)
Sears, Burton W. (Pewaukee; Disch. May 8, 1863, disability)
Smart, Henry (Genesee; M.O. September 21, 1865)
Smith, John W. (Pewaukee; Disch. December 12, 1864)
Smith, Nelson J. (Vernon)
Smith, William H. (Pewaukee)
Stulsman, Henry (Germantown)

Thornton, John (Pewaukee; Died July 6, 1864, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, disease)

Velte, Gottlieb (Germantown)
Vosburgh, Andrew H. (Muskego)

Wells, Harlan P. (Waukesha)
Wheeler, John C. (Pewaukee; Disch. May 4, 1863, disability)
White, Sherman M. (Waukesha; Disch. may 16, 1863, disability)
Williams, Allen (Genesee; Deserted November 28, 1863)

Zeluff, John M. (Brookfield; Died March 6, 1863, Helena, Arkansas, disease.)