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"The LaFayette Guards"
Company I

Source: This roster of officers and soldiers was extracted from the 28th Regiment Muster and Descriptive Rolls, archived at the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. The soldier's name is followed by place of residence at enlistment and service notes. Most soldiers in this company were recruited from Walworth County, Wisconsin.

Horace B. Crandall Elkhorn Resigned October 25, 1862
Andrew F. Shiverick Oconomowoc Died April 22, 1863, Memphis, TN
Lyndsey J. Smith Troy  
1st Lieutenant
Alexander T. SeymourLa Fayette 
2nd Lieutenant
Smith A. Hartwell La Fayette  
Chase, William H. Spring Prarie Sergt., 1st Sergt., 1st Lieutenant, Company "K", February 21, 1865
Clapp, Eli Elkhorn Died May 4, 1863, Helena, Arkansas, disease
Hibbard, Henry H. Troy Disch. May 7, 1863,, disability
Potter, Alfred C. East Troy Disch. April 1, 1863, disability
Allen, Fayette L. Spring Prarie Died January 23, 1865, Little Rock, Arkansas, disease
Carl, John La Fayette  
Farrar, George W. La Fayette Corp., Sergt.
Foote, Addison O. Spring Prarie Corp., Sergt.
Noblet, Peter Spring Prarie Wounded March 30, 1865, Spanish Fort, Alabama, M.O. September 25, 1865
Noblet, Joseph Jr. Spring Prarie  
Patterson, Albert East Troy  
Short, George W. La Fayette Died April 21, 1863, Helena, Arkansas, disease
Shubert, Harvey La Fayette Corp., Sergt., Bvt. Capt. April 10, 1865
Vaughn, Henry La Fayette  
Weeks, Spencer J. Spring Prairie K.I.A. April 4, 1865, Spanish Fort, Alabama
Wright, Duncan La Fayette  
Barnes, Henry D. Spring Prarie  
Organ, John Jr. Whitewater  
Vaughn, John Spring Prairie Died Nov. 11, 1863, Little Rock, Ark., disease
Burr, Ralph E. La Fayette  
Adams, Hezekiah East Troy  
Baker, John W. Spring Prarie Transferred to V.R.C., April 28, 1865, M.O. September 19, 1865
Baker, Barney Elkhorn Disch. August 8, 1865, disability
Bell, Samuel R. La Fayette Disch. October 19, 1863
Becker, Bernard................See "Baker, Barney"
Bentley, Samuel La Fayette From Company "A"; died August 24, 1864, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, disease
Bowman, William H. La Fayette  
Brash, John Troy  
Brigham, Freeman La Fayette From Company "A"; disch. April 22, 1865, disability
Bristol, Robert W. Elkhorn Disch. August 7, 1863, disability
Buttles, Daniel Spring Prarie  
Carl, Frank Janesville M.O. June 10, 1865
Cheney, Robert Elkhorn From Company "A"
Concklin, Stephen J. La Fayette  
Coulter, W. James Troy Died April 12, 1863, Helena, Arkansas, disease
Cowles, Axa Saxton La Fayette Died February 24, 1863, Helena, Arkansas, disease
Daniels, Albert O. La Fayette Transferred to V.R.C., April 30, 1864
Deuel, Edwin Elkhorn  
Dingman, Charles A. Troy From Company "K"
Donohoue, Michael East Troy Disch. August 27, 1863, disability
Edwards, Daniel E. Troy M.O. June 13, 1865
Egleston, Frank Spring Prarie M.O. September 20, 1865
Ferry, Charles Troy  
Fichler, Augustus Spring Prarie Died February 9, 1865, Little Rock, Arkansas; disease
Fox, Charles R. East Troy  
Frank, Hiram P. La Fayette Died June 27, 1863, St. Louis, MO, disease
Gaskell, John La Fayette Died May 31, 1863, Helena, Arkansas, disease.
Gleason, Josiah B. Spring Prarie  
Gleason, Burnham La Fayette Died March 13, 1863 Tallahatchie River, Mississippi, disease
Grass, Nicholas Spring Prarie M.O. May 31, 1865
Guest, John La Fayette  
Hicks, Jackson V. La Fayette M.O. August 21, 1865
Hodges, John La Fayette  
Holmes, David M. East Troy  
Holton, John East Troy Disch. December 31, 1862, disability
Hubbard, Alva B. La Fayette  
Jones, Francis Spring Prarie M.O. May 31, 1865
King, Farrel Elkhorn  
Kober, Charles East Troy  
Langen, John East Troy Disch. August 28, 1863
Maher, Michael Troy M.O. June 16, 1865
Matheson, David La Fayette  
Matheson, John La Fayette  
Mayhew, William H. Troy Disch. May 30, 1863, disability
McKenney, Jeremiah East Troy M.O. June 8, 1865
Mountain, John La Fayette Disch. September 3, 1863, disability
Murray, John Troy Died February 12, 1865, Little Rock, Arkansas, disease
Noblet, Valentine C. Milwaukee M.O. July 19, 1865
Nott, William H. East Troy Died March 3, 1863, Helena, Arkansas, disease
Nims, De Witt Spring Prarie Died August 4, 1863, Helena, Arkansas, disease
O'Brien, Patrick Jr. La Fayette K.I.A. March 30, 1864, Mt. Elba, Arkansas
O'Brien, William La Fayette  
O'Brien, Michael La Fayette  
O'Razan, William Troy Died March 3, 1863, Helena, Arkansas, disease
Parks, Milton B. East Troy  
Peak, Gilbert Spring Prarie Died June 12, 1863, Helena, Arkansas, disease
Peck, William W. Sugar Creek From Company "A"; M.O. June 8, 1865
Poland, Arthur La Fayette  
Pollock, Thomas La Fayette Disch. January 16, 1863, disablity
Ranney, Fayette S. La Fayette  
Schein, Conrad Spring Prarie  
Shabino, Joseph Whitewater From Company "A"; K.I.A. March 30, 1865,, Spanish Fort, Alabama
Short, James La Fayette  
Smith, Delos C. La Fayette Died April 17, 1863, Helena, Arkansas
Spoor, Charles Troy  
Sterling, James H. La Fayette Disch. March 27, 1863, disability
Storms, Charles Spring Prairie  
Stuit, Charles Troy  
Sullivan, Jeremiah Troy Died Aug. 22 1864, Pine Bluff, Ark., disease
Sutcliffe, Samuel Elkhorn Disch. May 26, 1863, disability
Taylor, Charles H. Troy M.O. July 19, 1865
Thomas, Francis East Troy Died July 13, 1863, East Troy, Wis., disease
Tiffany, Alfred W. Spring Prairie Absent sick at M.O. of regiment
Utley, Cyrus Elkhorn M.O. June 13, 1865
Vanderpool, Aaron L. Delevan  
Vaughn, Alonzo La Fayette Disch. Oct. 25, 1863, disability
Waters, Isaac E. La Fayette Died April 9, 1863 Helena, Ark., disease
Weeks, Clarke O. Spring Prairie  
Wells, Edward East Troy  
West, Dennis Troy  
Whitton, John La Fayette Died June 22, 1863, Helena, Ark., disease
White, Seymour Spring Prairie Deserted May 15, 1864
Williams, Emery D. Spring Prairie  
Woodward, William H. Spring Prairie Disch. May 23, 1863, disability

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