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"Waukesha Minute Men"
Company B

The following roster of Company B, 28th Wisconsin Volunteer Regiment was extracted from the Waukesha County Freeman newspaper of 30 September 1862. By war's end, the roster of company officers looked much different. Captain Townsend had been killed in action at Mark's Mills, Arkansas, 1st Lt. Davis had been mustered out due to disability, 2nd Lt. Slawson was promoted twice, and of the original five sergeants, only Vanderpool remained at that rank. McCall died at Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Eldridge was discharged, Bennett had been promoted, and McDonald reduced in rank to private.

Italicized notes from the soldier's service were extracted from a regimental roster published and sold by S.W. Martin of Madison, Wisconsin, after the war. The Waukesha Freeman editor may or may not have been an accurate speller: alternate name spellings found in other records are noted in parentheses.

Mustered into U.S. Service October 13, 1862 by Capt. J. M. Trowbridge:

Commissioned Officers

Mandeville G. Townsend, Capt. (killed in action 25 April 1864 at Mark's Mills, Arkansas)
Cushman K. Davis, 1st Lieut. (resigned due to disability, 23 Feb 1864)
Charles B. Slawson, 2d Lieut. (appointed 1st Lt. 19 April 1864, Capt. 29 July 1864)


1st. Martin McCall (died 8 Aug 1864 at Pine Bluff, Arkansas)
2d. Franklin A. Bennett (appointed 1st Sgt. 1 Feb 1863, 1st Lt. 29 July 1864)
3d. Stuart Eldridge (discharged; promoted to 1st Lt. 64th U.S.C.I. on 1 Jan 1864)
4th. Donald McDonald
5th. George J. Vanderpool


1st. David Hill
2d. John Carpenter (discharged for disability)
3d. Thomas Cummings (appointed 2d. Sgt. 31 July 1864)
4th. Chesley Fuller
5th. Alfred S. Weaver (appointed 3d. Sgt 25 June 1865)
6th. Ezra Dederick
7th. Arba Hawley (discharged 17 March 1864)
8th. Conrad Pfluger (discharged 1 Aug 1865)


Jacob Adloff
Joseph Angamyer
David Arnold

Wester Baker (died 7 Mar 1865 at Little Rock, Arkansas)
William A. Barstow (appointed Musician; died 18 Feb 1864)
Franklin Bender (appointed Corporal; discharged 1 Aug 1865)
William F. Bidwell (transferred to N.C.S. hosp. steward)
Peter Bodette
Peter Bonner
Henry C. Bourne

Canute Canutesen
Jeremiah Carr
Thomas C. Carver (appointed Corporal 15 Dec 1863)
William Cernaghan
Daniel A. Church
Edwin Cook (died 23 Jan 1863 at Helena, Arkansas)
William Cooper
Hugh Crail (died 19 April 1863 at Helena, Arkansas)
John G.D. Cumming (appointed Corporal 8 Oct 1863)
August Cross (died 18 Dec 1863 at Little Rock, Arkansas)
George E. Coleman (appointed Musician)

William Damuth (died 6 May 1863 at St.Louis, Missouri)
Thomas Devereaux
William Duncan (died 30 Mar 1863 at Greenwood, Mississippi)

Wallace R. Ellsworth (discharged 21 Feb 1865)

Peter Finnegan (died 9 Oct 1863 at St. Louis, Missouri)
Andrew Fletcher (died 17 March 1863 at Memphis, Tennessee)
Joseph Forward
Solomon H. Foster
Galusha A. Fuller

Thomas H. Gault
John Geetline (discharged 19 July 1865 for disability)
August Geibel
Charles (or Carl) Genske
William Green

Gotfried Haferstein (Haffenstein)
J. P. Heider (died 18 April 1863 at Helena, Arkansas)
John Heider (deserted 3 March 1864 while on furlough to Milwaukee)
James Hoag(e)
Samuel W. Hogg (died 28 March 1865 of wounds)
John Hosler (or Hasler) (deserted 20 Dec 1862 from Milwaukee)
John Howie (died 11 April 1863 at St. Louis, Missouri)

Henry Imig

Herman Je(r)mark (appointed Corporal 24 June 1865)
John Johns(t)on (deserted 20 Dec 1862 from Milwaukee)
Jabez Jones
William Jones (deserted 24 Feb 1863 from Helena, Arkansas)

Robert Kellips (Killip) (died 2 June 1863 at reg'tl hospital)
George Kellog (deserted 7 June 1864 from Pine Bluff, Arkansas)
Albert S. Kendrick
John J. Kimball
Charles (Carl) Klaus
Joseph Kroy

William McKoughton (McNaughton) (discharged 5 April 1863)
Joseph A. Monroe

George Patterson (appointed Corporal 1 Feb 1863)
Conrad Pfluger (Corp., Sergeant)
John Pfluger (Johannes Pfluegar)
Michael Powers

George Reeder

Edward Savage (discharged 25 March 1863 for disability)
Charles Seiberlich
Phillip (Peter) P. Schneider
Christian Sorensen (Sorrencen)
Wion Speaker (appointed Corporal 16 April 1864)
Jacob Stickles (died 15 June 1863 at Keokuk, Iowa)
Ephraim Stieu

Frederic(k) Tesch
William A. Tucker

Orlin Vanderhoof (Vanderhoff) (died 5 Feb 1863 at Helena, Arkansas)
Redford Vellem (Bedford Valleau)
William Venetlan
Albert Vogt (Voght) (died 9 Nov 1864 at Pine Bluff, Arkansas)

Frederic(k) Wachter
John Walhuser
Charles W. Watkins (died 21 Aug 1864 at North Prairie, Wisconsin)
John Watson
Frederic(k) S. Weaver (discharged 3 May 1863)
Lucius M. Weaver
Ellis White (discharged 16 June 1865)
Frederic(k) Wieland (Weiland) (died 26 Oct 1863 at St. Louis, Missouri)

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