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"The Badger Guards"
Company F

Source: "The Military History of Wisconsin: A Record of the Civil and Military Patriotism of the State in the War of the Union..." By E.B. Quiner, Esq., Chicago: Clarke & Co. Publisher, 1866. Soldier's residence at enlistment and service notes appear in gray.

Calvert C. White (promoted to Major, 10 July 1863)
Archie D. Montieth (promoted from 1st Sergt. to 2nd Lieut. 30 Dec 1862, Capt. 5 Oct 1863)

1st Lieutenant
Jeremiah Noon, Sr. (died 10 Aug 1863 at Lisbon, Wis.)
Hiram F. Lyke (disch. for disability 12 May 1865)
James S. Worthman (promoted to 1st Sergt. 12 Oct 1863, 1st Lieut. 6 July 1865)

2nd Lieutenant
Walker L. Bean (died 29 Dec 1862 at Columbus, KY)

Conlon, Patrick (Ottawa)
Cross, Peter W. (Merton; Sergt., 1st Sergt.)
Harding, Joesph (Waukesha; disch. Sept 29, 1863, disability)
Higgins, George W. (Lisbon; Corp., Sergt ; 2nd Lieutenant July 29, 1865, not mustered)
Rodgers, Alexander (Lisbon; promoted Com. Sergt. Jan 29, 1863)
Slyter, William T. (Menomonee; died July 15, 1863, Helena, Arkansas, disease)
Taylor, Mahlon (Merton; died September 21, 1864, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, disease)

Allerdice, James (Merton; disch. May 6, 1863, disability)
Andrews, Laurel G. (Mukwonago)
Bixby, Edmund W. (Mukwonago; disch. May 6, 1863, disability)
Brown, William E. (Genesee)
Bull, John (Merton)
Hoag, George (Mukwonago)
Hubbard, Monroe (Waukesha; died February 18, 1863, Helena, Arkansas, disease)
Jenson, Lars (Merton; died November 28, 1864, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, disease)
Kipp, Wilson D. (Eagle)
Luce, Worthy (Menomonee; May 6, 1865)
Moyes, James (Lisbon)
Parker, Charles J. (Mukwonago; died August 26, 1864, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, disease)
Rankin, William (Lisbon)
Throne, John (Merton)
Tillson, Henry H. (Waukesha; died June 4, 1864, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, disease)
Watson, John (Lisbon)

Bump, William H. (Waukesha; Musician, deserted Feb. 24, 1863)
Hall, Charles (Waukesha; promoted to Principle Musician Sept. 15, 1862)
Mockett, John H. (Genesee; Musician; disch. April 2, 1865 to accept promotion)

Foster, John H. (Mukwonago)
Perkins, Clark G. (Mukwonago; app. 19 Nov 1863)

Bell, Robert B. (Boshnie, Ark.; M.O, July 31, 1865)
Bell, Sydney O. (Boshnie, Ark.; died July 4, 1864, Pine Bluff, Ark.)
Bence, Francis (Genesee)
Berg, Richard (Milwaukee; M.O. July 19, 1865)
Bohrmann, Gottlieb (Lisbon)
Butler, Thomas (Lisbon)

Caldwell, Cassius W. (Merton ; died Feb. 29, 1863, Helena, Ark., disease)
Caldwell, James N. (Merton; died Dec. 31, 1864, Little Rock, Ar., disease)
Campbell, Benjamin (Lisbon; disch. June 2, 1865, disability)
Carpenter, Amasa T. (Lisbon; disch. Apr. 16, 1863, disability)
Clark, Franklin D. (Waukesha)

Crouch, Samuel (Lisbon; deserted Oct. 18, 1862)

Darrah, Joseph (Merton; died Mar. 2, 1863, Helena, Ark., disease)
Devereaux, Nicholas (Milwaukee; M.O. July 19, 1865)
Dingledein, George (Lisbon)

Ellis, Edwin (Genesee)

Farrel, James (Ottawa; Trans to VRC, Feb. 15, 1864, died, buried at Rock Island, IL)
Field, John (Lisbon)
Fielder, George (Lisbon; died Oct. 30, 1863, St. Louis, MO, disease)
Foster, Edwin (Merton; died March 29, 1863, Yazoo Pass, MS, disease)
Foster, William S. (Mukwonago; M.O. July 19, 1865)
Freeman, William W. (Mukwonago; died Oct. 25, 1863, Memphis, TN, disease)

Gray, Gabriel (Pine Bluff, Ark; Colored Cook, died Aug. 1, 1864, Pine Bluff, Ark., disease)

Hansen, Rasmus (Merton; absent sick at M.O. of regiment)
Hansen, Paul (Merton)
Holt, Thomas (Merton)
Holt, Edmund (Merton; disch. July 18, 1865)
Howard, Nathaniel (Waukesha; died August 13, 1864 Pine Bluff, Arkansas, disease)
Howard, Benjamin (Waukesha)

Jenson, Hans (Merton)
Jones, Thomas (Ottawa)
Jones, Albert G. (Boshnie, Ark.; disch. June 6, 1865, disability)

Kain, Augustus (Genesee)
Kells, Lucas (Mukwonago)
Kenyon, John (Merton; disch May 31, 1865, disability)
Kline, Samuel S. (Mukwonago)
Klock, William (Waukesha; deserted February 24, 1863)

Lean, William (Eagle)
Lyke, Julius G. (Mukowonago; died March 14, 1863, Yazoo Pass, disease)

Mason, John W. (Merton; M.O. July 18, 1865)
McDonough, James (Mukwonago)
McGill, Charles N (Lisbon; died Sept 2, 1864 Pine Bluff, Arkansas, disease)
Melendy, Cephas J (Eagle; died March 24, 1863, on Steamer "St. Louis", disease)
Moffit, Orin D. (Mukwonago; died August 30, 1864, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, disease)
Morris, Richard B. (Genesee)
Munn, John (Merton; disch. May 6, 1863, disability)
Murphy, John (Waukesha)

Neilson, Lars C. (Merton)
Neilson, Neils Peter (Merton; disch. July 19, 1865, disability)
Noon, Jeremiah, Jr. (Milwaukee; died March 12, 1864, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, disease)

Palmer, Levi L. H. (Lisbon; disch. December 14, 1863, disability)
Phippen, Mark M. (Merton)
Pool, Ira (Madison)

Raymond, Olson (Mukwonago )
Reddelien, Knud (Merton; Trans. V.R.C., March 15, 1864)
Roe, Thomas (Merton)

Shine, Edward (Milwaukee; M.O. July 19, 1865)
Southworth, Nelson (Genesee)

Taylor, John (Lisbon; died September 6, 1863, Memphis, Tenessee, disease)

VanCamp, Abel C. (Genesee; disch. December 3, 1863, disability)

Waller, Halvor (Merton; disch. July 17, 1863, disability)
Warr, Austin C. (Waukesha; died April 9, 1863, Helena, Arkansas, disease)
Watts, George (Ottawa)
Webb, William (Waukesha)
Webb, James (Waukesha)
Webster, Henry C. (Troy; died December 12, 1862, Milwaukee, WI, disease)
White, Edward (Waukesha)
Whitney, Ephraim G. (Mukwonago; died September 21, 1863, Little Rock, Arkansas, disease)
Wichman, Carl (Merton; disch. June 16, 1865, disability)
Wilde, John (Merton; died September 3, 1863, Duvall's Bluff, Arkansas, disease)
Williams, David (Genesee)
Williams, Edward E. (Genesee; died January 13, 1863, St. Charles, Arkansas, disease)
Woodfield, Joseph (Vernon; disch. June 2, 1865, disability)